Product Care & Disposal

Product Care and Maintenance

Rinse before using (on opening and removal from box).

Rinse toothbrush thoroughly after brushing your teeth to remove toothpaste residue and debris.

Keep it in a dry place out of reach of pets (They love chewing them!).

Dental professionals recommend replacing your toothbrushes at least every 3 months. If you have a fixed orthodontic appliance or full orthodontic banding, expect to replace your brush every 4-6 weeks.

Link to ADA recommendation – Click Here


Product Disposal

Our BOOBRUSHES have a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle which can be placed in the compost bin or into the green bin. You can also check if your local waste and recycling collection depot will accept these for commercial composting.

Before proper disposal, the bristles should be removed from the head by separating them using a pair of pliers. The bristles are made of a non-biodegradable PBT plastic which like Nylon-6 unfortunately cannot be recycled with ease commercially in Australia at this time. They both fall under Plastics identification code 7. Please do not place these into your Yellow recycling bin.

Terracycle® has partnered with Colgate® to aid in recycling oral care products in Australia, look for a drop off location near you. Good news, they accept the bristles (place the bristles in a floss container) and also packaging as long as they are clean and dry!   

For more information, please refer to Terracycle’s public drop-off network.

BOOBRUSHES are packed in 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper boxes which can be placed in the compost bin or recycled.

There are many who have thought of creative ways to upcycle the BOOBRUSH® handles for use in their  home or garden – Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram!



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