The Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) plant which never ceases to amaze us is our starting point for our discussion.

It is a little-known fact that Moso bamboo is capable of releasing 30% more oxygen and absorbing and converting up to 5 times more CO2 compared to other plants. It has a tenaciously strong root system which holds soil stable and prevents soil erosion. The plant is naturally resilient as well which means that even commercial plantations have preciously little need for pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation.

Therefore, growing Moso bamboo leaves a commendably small carbon footprint.

It is also capable of growing up to 1m a day under the right conditions, making it a contender for one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Moso bamboo grows to its maximum height of around 25+ meters in only a few months and reaches maturity for harvesting in just 4 years unlike other timbers sourced from trees. Intriguingly, Moso bamboo can also be harvested without killing the plant, thus removing the need to replant as new shoots emerge from the ground continually as part of the plants’ lifecycle.

Thus, the cultivation of Moso bamboo is ecologically friendly and is highly sustainable.

Fascinatingly, Giant Pandas do not care for the taste of Moso bamboo. This is beneficial to all.

In order for us to utilize the Moso bamboo plant to create our BOOBRUSHES, we have to undertake a few careful preparatory stages.

The careful journey from the bamboo orchards till it reaches you is as such -

1   Harvesting
2   Cut into strips and outer skin removed.
3   Cleaning and sterilizing via boiling and then carbonization (under heat and pressure)
4   Drying

5   Cut into correct lengths for toothbrushes
6   Crafted by hand in 3 dimensions into our distinct designs.
7   Finished by hand to create our unusually fine smooth finish.

* As this is a handmade natural product, some variation is to be expected, thus each and every piece is indeed unique. *

8   A light coat of edible food grade wax is applied to seal the product surface.

9   The highest quality Binchotan (activated charcoal) infused fine tapered BPA-free bristles are inserted into the handle. We use luxuriously extra soft bristles for the BOOBRUSH® Junior.

10   Our signature BOOBRUSH® logo is embedded into the handle via Laser for extra precision.

11   A stringent quality control process then ensues where each and every toothbrush is inspected for faults, defects or irregularities.

12   They are then packed into our 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft boxes, which are printed with soy-based ink.