Why does it matter what toothbrush I use? Aren’t they all the same? – Part 1

If you’re anything like us at BOOBRUSH®, you have gone to the supermarket and stared at the wall of dental products in front of you and gone – “Why is this so hard?”

You have probably wondered – “Are all toothbrushes the same and work in a similar fashion?”

Actually, there is a difference!  

Firstly, the size of the toothbrush head matters – Even though large or long toothbrush heads seem like a good idea - As it would make sense to think it will cover a larger surface area, actually small is beautiful. Which is why all our BOOBRUSHES have nice compact heads!

The teeth are not set out in a straight line, the back teeth and front teeth are placed around an arc, thus a larger, longer toothbrush head is far less manoeuvrable in the mouth. Especially around the canines (the pointy fang teeth) and around the very far back molars in the mouth (the chompers). A smaller toothbrush head allows you to follow the contours of the teeth much better.

Otherwise it can be like driving a stretch limousine into a multi-story carpark!

The handle should be ergonomic and not have a slippery texture, toothpaste foam and spit is a slippery combination by itself! 🤤 The grip should encourage the use of gentle pressure by the thumb and index fingers to hold the brush. You really want a light finger pressure grip with the handle end resting fairly passively in the palm instead of a very firm fist grip on the brush for fear it will go sailing across the bathroom when you are brushing! *Whoops* 🙄

The more gentle the grip, the less the poor teeth will feel the wrath of the bristles 😠 which in turn will save your enamel from wearing down in the long run!

More to come on this exciting subject!