My gums bleed - Is this normal?

My gums bleed - Is this normal?

Now that you have your fancy new toothbrush and have used it, you may notice that the bristles or that the toothpaste you are spitting out is a little red. Maybe you have noticed this in the past or this seems like something new?

Gums are very much like skin where if they are irritated, you can get a rash. Puffy and red gums is a condition called Gingivitis which is due to the irritation of the gums.

Usually caused by having plaque buildup around the gum and tooth junction over a long period of time and not brushing it off properly. This can happen at all ages.

The specially designed tapered soft bristles on your BOOBRUSH® make it easy to get right down to the gum and tooth junction and give that nasty plaque the flick!

If this is the first time you are using a BOOBRUSH®, chances are that it is getting in between and around the teeth better than any normal toothbrush and so the gums are trying their hardest to flush out the nasty bugs from the plaque at the same time. This is where the bleeding comes from.  If you are brushing your teeth gently, a little new blood over the first few days is not something to really worry about.

Once the plaque has been removed, your gums will settle down quite quickly and they will look more healthy and pink before you know it.

If you are getting more bleeding still after this time has passed, do drop into your dentist and have it looked at as sometimes more serious forms of bleeding gums may be an indication of other potential issues.