Help! My child’s teeth are going black!

Help! My child’s teeth are going black!

Maybe you have had a look at your child’s front teeth recently and have noticed it changing colour.

Teeth are generally meant to be a mild off-white colour with baby teeth generally being whiter than their adult replacements. This is due to the fact that baby teeth are smaller than the adult teeth and also more transparent. As the colour of your teeth is determined by the inner composition of the tooth, the bigger the tooth, generally the less white it comes across as.

However, if your child’s teeth are going black, usually it means that the nerves and blood supply inside the tooth are bruised. This is usually due to them having had an accident and thus an injury to their tooth, which you may or may not have known about!

The good news is that unless the injury is quite severe, the colour of the tooth can improve and return to normal (although it will occur very slowly, most of the time over many months).

It is important to note that if your child is avoiding biting on the tooth and you can sense it is painful to touch or notice a pimple or lump on the gum next to the tooth, you should bring your child to see a dentist as it usually means that the nerve and blood supply have unfortunately given up and there is likely an infection of the tooth setting in which can affect the adult tooth below it if left untreated.