Our story

There are plenty of toothbrushes out in the market, less so ones made of natural material and even less so ones which are well designed and use premium materials. We thought this needed to change, so we made it happen.

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the boobrush® journey

BOOBRUSHES are forged from our passion of good oral health and sustainability. Backed by professional clinical design. From the drawing board to engineering the final product, this is the journey of a BOOBRUSH®.

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My daughters loved BOOBRUSH. It has definitely made my work during morning and bedtime routine easier as they now look forward to having their teeth brushed. They loved how soft the bristles were and the feel of the handle. I noticed that their teeth have definitely become whiter and brighter. I am very happy with the product and will be recommending BOOBRUSH to my friends and family.


Beautiful, environmentally friendly toothbrush in simple recyclable packaging. Comfortable in the hand and in the mouth! Tapered soft bristles brush well and suit both adults and children alike!